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OrbitKit is not like any starterkit, it’s built for startups & big projects alike, leveraging the newest technologies in a monorepo codebase to deliver a starterkit that scales with your business from the start.


  • Monorepo: OrbitKit is a monorepo, giving you the ability to scale your project with ease.
  • TypeScript: type-safety is a core principle of OrbitKit.
  • Astrojs: for a clean slate to build your marketing website on top.
  • Next.js: Web application is included, giving you a solid foundation for your product.
  • tRPC for a fully type-safe api.
  • Mintlify: for a clean, fast, and easy to use platform to document your project.
  • Turborepo: caching builds so you never have to run the same command twice.
  • Drizzle ORM: providing a fully type-safe way to interact with your database.
  • Neon DB: serverless database, with autoscaling, branching, and bottomless storage.
  • Uploadthing: for an easy, type-safe way of handling file uploads.
  • Posthog: for analytics and event tracking.
  • Sentry: for error tracking and monitoring.
  • Unkey: for a fast way of rate-limiting the web app.
  • Playwright: for end-to-end testing of the applications.
  • Lucia auth: for authentication, giving you full flexibility and control over your user system.
  • Tailwind CSS: for styling, with Radix UI Colors for automatic light/dark mode handling.
  • Shadcn UI: full implementation in a dedicated package.
  • Storybook: to develop, test and visualize your components in isolation.
  • Github Actions: for CI/CD, with automatic DB branching & code checks.
  • next-themes: for easy light/dark mode handling in the web app.
  • Changesets: for managing versioning and changelogs.
  • vite: for bundling & storybook.
  • ts-reset: for the apps, improving the types for common JavaScript APIs.
  • ESLint, Prettier, Markdownlint, Cspell, Husky, Lint-staged and Commitlint for code quality.
  • ESM Only: because CJS should be left in the past.

And so much more!


OrbitKit was born out of the need for a new type of starterkits, ones that are “headless” and are more scalable meaning, no UI templates, no pre-built landing page, just the core primitives, services and tools you need configured together.

On top of that, it’s a monorepo, because sooner or later you will transition to a monorepo (god forbid you pick multi-repo) so why not start with one from the beginning?

What you get

On the surface, it’s pretty easy to see what you get with OrbitKit, but let’s break it down:

  1. Next.js product web application
  2. Astrojs marketing website
  3. Mintlify docs website

These are the three core parts of any big project we believe, a product, a marketing website, and documentation. With OrbitKit, you get all three, and they all consume packages from the monorepo so you end up sharing code between them really easily.


You should expect a learning curve with OrbitKit if you haven’t worked in monorepos before or with the tools we use. But we believe that the learning curve is worth it, and we are here to help you through it with our documentation and github issues.

This starterkit is not intended for beginners, but for those who are looking for a starterkit that can take their startup idea into the real world faster than normal with your added expertise in building your product.

In simple terms, you should have experience in using React, Next.js and TypeScript. We believe if you know these three, you can pick up the rest quite easily.


This project was born out of my love for open source, monorepos and DX (developer experience). A project in such a scale requires a lot of time and effort to maintain.

If OrbitKit will be useful to you, please consider ❤️ sponsoring me on GitHub so that I can continue to maintain and improve it. I appreciate your support!